Earth Day Texas—People, Planet, and Profit—Key Legal Issues for a Protective and Productive Future

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Jeff Civins

On March 16th, Reuters reported that President Trump’s administration has proposed a 31 % cut to EPA’s budget, explaining: “Consistent with the President’s America’s First Energy Plan, the budget reorients the EPA’s air program to protect the air we breathe without unduly burdening the American economy.”  In this time of change and uncertainty, perhaps more than ever, there is a need for a measured dialog among diverse viewpoints. 

With over 130,000 participants attending last year’s  Earth Day Texas celebration in Dallas, its organizers decided a Legal Symposium of prominent representatives from environmental organizations, business, academia and the government might help policy makers grapple with fundamental environmental issues such as how best to balance economic development with environmental protection.  Several members of the College assisted the organizers in the development of that symposium.

On April 20-21, that Symposium will bring together those thought leaders to discuss: (1) how to integrate science into regulatory decision making; (2) how to reconcile energy and economic development with protection of public health and the environment; (3) how to facilitate environmental dispute resolution; and (4) how to integrate sustainability and ethical considerations into corporate decision-making. 

Consistent with the objective of having diverse viewpoints represented, the Thursday evening keynote speaker will be General Wesley K. Clark, discussing Climate Change as a Major Security Concern, and the Friday luncheon keynote speaker will be EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, discussing the new administration’s objectives and goals.  For further information and to register, go to

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Fred Fredrickson United States
4/1/2017 9:50:29 PM #

I'm looking forward to hearing Scott Pruitt assure us that Global Warming is a complete and utter hoax and really the earth is cooling toward an ice age, that there's never been a single documented case of ground water being contaminated by fracking, that earthquakes could not possibly be caused by anything related to fracking, that ozone is essential for human life, that 'nucular' radiation is not harmful, that coal dust is an essential ingredient for human lungs and coal ash is beneficial for rivers, that the earth is running out of CO2, that solar energy is against God's laws and wind electricity depletes the world of a vital resource (and kills birds), that no American cities have ever had lead in their drinking water because it's physically impossible, that pesticides in food contribute to human vitality, and that new drug testing is unnecessary provided that drug companies conduct in house testing.

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