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Waiting for Godot . . . Oops! The Decision’s Finally Out

Posted on August 29, 2012 by Andrea Field The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (Transport Rule) adopted by EPA in.... Read More

Interstate Air Transport Rule Vacated by the D.C. Circuit

Posted on August 28, 2012 by David Flannery EPA was handed a setback in its efforts to establish aggressive controls on.... Read More

Legal Winds from New Directions Buffet California’s GHG Cap-and-Trade Program

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Michael R. Barr Late in the fall of 2011, the California Air Resources Board adopted.... Read More

EPA Proposes Carbon Dioxide Emissions Standard for New Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Daniel Riesel By Daniel Riesel and Vicki Shiah, Sive Paget & Riesel, PCOn March 27, the U.S. Environmental.... Read More

Don’t Mess With Texas – EPA Loses Battle With TCEQ

Posted on April 2, 2012 by Eva O’Brien If you live in Texas or have driven through the state, you know.... Read More