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The Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides – What is “Green” and what is merely gray

Posted on November 9, 2012 by Elliot Laws We’ve all seen the advertisements. Products that are supposedly “recycled,” “environmentally friendly,” and.... Read More

The National Environmental Policy Act: The Bureau of Reclamation Bypasses an EIS and Opts for an Environmental Assessment for a Major Water Diversion Project

Posted on November 7, 2012 by Thomas Hnasko On January 27, 2011, the Bureau of Reclamation (“BOR”) issued an environmental assessment.... Read More

Fracking on Election Eve

Posted on October 23, 2012 by Robert Kirsch The technique known as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), especially in the context of developing.... Read More

Federalism can be Messy — BPA and Product Regulation in the States

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Kenneth Gray Depending on how you count, advocates have led over 25 state legislatures or.... Read More

National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius: What’s In It for Environmental Law?

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Jonathan Z. Cannon The Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care.... Read More

Bird Brain Idea?

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Stephen Herrmann Last summer, the U.S. Department of Justice, acting on allegations made by agents.... Read More

A Bridge Too Far? EPA’s War on Lead-Based Paint Takes Aim at Commercial Buildings

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Charles Efflandt No one doubts that EPA’s war on lead-based paint serves the cause of.... Read More


Posted on February 27, 2009 by Joseph Manko Among the priorities under the $787.5 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of.... Read More

Environmental Site Assessment Flexibility or Further Complexity? EPA Adopts Forestland and Rural Property Phase I Standard Practice

Posted on January 16, 2009 by Charles Efflandt On December 23, 2008, EPA issued a direct final rule amending the “All.... Read More

EPA Attempts to Increase Recycling by Redefining Solid Waste

Posted on December 31, 2008 by Karen Aldridge Crawford 73 Fed. Reg. 64668 (Oct. 30, 2008) to be codified at 40.... Read More