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ACOEL Government Liaison & Information Committee

a. The primary function of the Government Liaison and Information Committee is to obtain, publish, and circulate information tracking the new administration developments from EPA, DOJ, and other state and federal governmental agencies. Among other things, the Committee arranges one-hour interviews with key governmental employees as soon as they are appointed and confirmed, including such people as the EPA General Counsel, the DOI solicitor, the AAG Environment at DOJ, etc.

b. The committee helps arrange and encourage such officials to participate and speak at regional meetings previously arranged by this committee, which are currently being organized and coordinated by Ted Garrett. In addition, several committee members are also active in the ABA and hope to encourage the same officials to attend and participate and speak at ABA sponsored events.

c. The committee is working with other ACOEL Fellows to obtain  and distribute important timely documents such as new policies, transcripts of confirmation hearings, decisions on relevant CERT petitions to the United States Supreme Court, other state court decisions, etc.  Fellows including Scott Fulton (ELI), Larry Starfield (EPA), Professor Bob Percival (University of Maryland) and others are involved in this effort.  As part of this effort to collect and promptly distribute newsworthy and important information, the committee also plans to send out periodic or regular announcements, as most appropriate, of important developments and changes concerning environmental issues, the issuance of new policies and directives by governmental agencies, and the appointment of important leaders of governmental agencies.

d. The Committee plans regular calls to work out additional details including the process by which Committee members will assist in arranging interviews with government officials and responsibility for the identified areas of developing information and its circulation to ACOEL Fellows. The Committee will also contact ACOEL Fellows in advance of the regular monthly calls to try to encourage additional people to join and participate on this committee.

e. The Committee will consult with others to track new information, resources and documents as soon as possible, including state specific information evidencing trends in EPA’s implementation of delegated programs, for example: the Sabin Law Center’s Climate Case Charts, ABA SEER’s Administration Tracker, and possibly also work product from ABA SEER’s workgroup on Cooperative Federalism. The Committee will then ensure ACOEL Fellows have access to this new information by individual mailings and/or posting on the website.

f. The Committee may also evaluate specific deliverables which may reflect ACOEL’s greatest strengths, for example, white papers on key initiatives.

g. The Committee will work with other Fellows to obtain timely documents such as new policies, transcripts of confirmation hearings, and decisions on relevant cert petitions and distribute or place these materials on the ACOEL web site.

Committee Members