April 01, 2022

Earthx2022 Law Symposium – April 21, 2022

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Allan Gates

On April 21, Earthx2022 will feature a law symposium, entitled “Responsible Corporate Conduct and the Environment—The “E” of ESG.”  The symposium is the product of an Advisory Council that includes a number of ACOEL fellows: Jim Bruen, John Cruden, Dan Esty, Scott Fulton, Allan Gates, Pam Giblin, Tracy Hester, Seth Jaffe, Melinda Taylor, and chair, Jeff Civins.

John Cruden and Pam Giblin will moderate two of the three panels at the symposium.  John Cruden’s panel will address the role of enforcement in promoting responsible corporate conduct.  John’s panelists include leading state and federal environmental agency managers.  Pam Giblin’s panel will address corporate responsibility to impacted communities and how environmental justice figures into corporate decision making.  Pam’s panel includes thought leaders from academic, corporate, and government spheres.

The symposium’s third panel will be moderated by Avi Garbow, former EPA General Counsel.  This panel will focus on the role of ESG in the marketplace in driving responsible corporate conduct.  Speakers on this panel include ACOEL Fellows Jim Blackburn, Professor, Rice University; Vickie Patton, General Counsel, EDF; and Michael Vandenbergh, Professor, Vanderbilt Law School, as well as a number of distinguished corporate officers.

The EarthxLaw Symposium will open with remarks from EPA General Counsel Jeffrey Prieto.  EPA Region 6 Administrator Dr. Erthea Nance will give the luncheon keynote address.

Earthx2022 is a four-day Earth Day celebration in Dallas, assembling and connecting citizens, educators, businesses, NGO’s and global leaders to explore sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing challenges.

The Law Symposium is part of Earthx2022’s Congress of Conferences, which also includes three UN co-hosted summits: the SDG Media Summit, the Global Youth Summit, and the Family Offices for Sustainable Development at Earthx2022.  Other conferences include programs on energy, wildlife conservation, farms, ranches, and forests, Latin America, corporate impact, island nations, NGOs and donors, and EarthxE-Capital. 

EarthX is an international non-profit NGO founded by Dallas-based businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Trammell S. Crow, whose focus is “on inspiring environmental leadership across sectors and party lines.”  In addition to its Earth Day festivities, EarthX recently launched EarthxTV, a free, 24/7 video-on-demand mobile app and streaming platform.  EarthxTV programming features conservation and sustainability topics across a variety of people, places, and cultures; unique discussions with experts and world leaders; and award-wining films and programs.  EarthxTV programming includes an environmental law and policy series, Law and Nature, that has presented panel discussions featuring a number of ACOEL Fellows.

Information about the EarthxLaw Symposium agenda and registration is available on-line.  Information about EarthxTV programs including the Law and Nature programs, is also available on-line.