September 30, 2008

First Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Auction Results: Massachusetts Gets $13.3 Million

Posted on September 30, 2008 by Seth Jaffe

The operators of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI Inc., announced yesterday that all of the 12,565,387 CO2 allowances offered for sale in the first RGGI auction on September 25, 2008 were purchased at $3.07 per allowance. This is above the auction reserve price of $1.86 per allowance, and below recent prices on the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange. See RGGI Inc.’s press release here.

RGGI did not announce the names of the winning bidders, but noted that there were 59 participants in the auction, all from the “energy, financial and environmental sectors.” In total, the bidders sought to purchase more than 51 million allowances, or approximately four times as many as were offered. The auction was administered by World Energy Solutions, Inc., and RGGI also retained an independent market monitor, Potomac Economics, to oversee the auction. Potomac Economics stated that most of the allowances were purchased by “compliance entities or their affiliates.” See the Potomac Economics release here.

Massachusetts’ share of the RGGI allowance proceeds came to approximately $13.3 million. In a press release issued yesterday, Governor Patrick confirmed the commitment in the Green Communities Act to use the RGGI funds for energy efficiency programs that will help individuals and municipalities address energy challenges.

Specifically, the $13.3 million in proceeds from the first auction will be allocated in the following ways:

  • $3.5 million for utility-administered energy efficiency programs, primarily funding the DPU’s $7 million program to work with electric and natural gas utilities to expand their consumer energy efficiency programs
  • $5 million for start-up of the Green Communities Program, created by the Green Communities Act
  • $4.3 million for additional energy efficiency efforts this winter, subject to the report of the Winter Energy Costs Task Force which is due in early October
  • $500,000 for administrative and vendor costs associated with Massachusetts’ participation in RGGI and the allowance auctions

The next auction is currently scheduled to be held on December 17, 2008.

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