October 02, 2008

Supreme Court to Open its 2009 Term

Posted on October 2, 2008 by Theodore Garrett

As is its custom, the Supreme Court will open its 2009 Term next Monday, the first Monday in October. In anticipation of that event, the Court held its first conference of the Term this Monday, and yesterday issued orders from that conference. The court granted two certs of note.

Nos. 07-1601, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. v. United States and 07-1607, Shell Oil Co. v. United Statespresent the question of whether owners of land subject to environmental cleanup may be held jointly and severally liable under CERCLA.

No. 07-1410, United States v. Navajo Nation, involves the government’s fiduciary responsibility to Indian tribes relating to mining rights on tribal land. In 2003, the Court held that there were no enforceable fiduciary duties under federal statutes relating to mineral leasing. But on remand, the Federal Circuit held that the government breached duties under the common law of trust and the Indian Tucker Act. The Supreme Court will consider whether its prior ruling foreclosed the court of appeals’ decision, and if not, whether the court was correct to hold the government liable as a matter of law for $600 million to the tribes under those sources of law.

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