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ACOEL Foundation

The ACOEL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity established by the American College of Environmental Lawyers.  The purpose of the Foundation is to support the pro bono, educational, and other charitable activities of the American College of Environmental Lawyers.  The Foundation is supported by donations from Fellows of the American College of Environmental lawyers and grants related to specific educational and charitable projects.  The officers of the American College of Environmental Lawyers serve as the Trustees of the Foundation.  The day-to-day affairs of the Foundation are managed by a group of officers elected by the Trustees.  The current officers of the Foundation are Virginia C. Robbins, President; Gail S. Port, Vice President; Heidi B. Friedman, Secretary; Kevin R. Murray, Treasurer; Vice Presidents for Development James A. Bruen, Peter W. Culp, Debbie Mans, and Melinda E. Taylor; and Allan Gates, Immediate Past President. The Foundation’s Advisory Council members are Pamela M. Giblin, Seth D. Jaffe, J. Kevin Healy, and Michael D. Hockley.

Donations to the Foundation may be made on-line on this page, or by sending a check payable to ACOEL Foundation to the following address:

ACOEL Foundation
Attn.: Loretta Reinersmann
1730 M Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

Donations to the ACOEL Foundation qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions.

For further information about the ACOEL Foundation use the Contact Us button on this page of the website.