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ACOEL and its members are committed to improving the practice of environmental law and the administration of justice in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Together, we are working on a variety of projects both domestically and internationally. ACOEL’s activities are governed by a series of established task forces and internal committees described below. Read more


Annual Herrmann Legal Writing Award Competition

The Stephen E. Herrmann Environmental Writing Award is a prize presented to the author of a student article that best presents a current topic in the field of environmental law, judged for originality, quality of research, presentation and writing, and significance of contribution to the field of environmental law.

April 2021 Opportunities for Engagement

Communication Committee
• Sam Gutter, Sidley Austin LLP (Retired)
• Kenneth J. Warren, Warren Environmental Counsel LLC
• Participate in monthly Conference Call, 4th Monday, 3-4:00 pm Eastern
• Complete Fellow Profile on the new ACOEL website
• Edit blogs submitted by Fellows
• Assist with website updates
• Collaborate with other Committees regarding blog, website and communication strategies

Education Committee
• Tom Burack
• Tracy Hester
• Amy Edwards
• Participate in monthly Conference Call, 2nd Thursday, 1-2:00 pm Eastern
• Help develop, build and promote monthly education webinars (Tom or Tracy)
• Identify opportunities and areas of interest where ACOEL’s leadership can contribute, including new issues and potential partners (Tom, Tracy or Amy)
• Join subcommittees on (i) environmental justice to address racial justice in environmental law, and (ii) COVID-19 to navigate the pandemic (Tom or Amy)
• Help Develop “Present at the Creation: Conversations with Environmental Law Pioneers” special programs

Education Annual Meeting Subcommittee
• President-Elect Mike Hockley
• Help Develop Annual Meeting Program Panels

Outreach and Domestic Pro Bono Committee
Leaders (contact for all purposes unless other contact noted):
• Krista McIntyre
• Lynn Slade
• Participate in monthly Conference Call, 2nd Tuesday, Noon to 1:00 pm Eastern
• Diversity of the Practice Outreach: The Outreach Committee is seeking connections to organizations representing communities of diverse law students and lawyers to cultivate a pipeline of diverse lawyers in our ACOEL practice areas. Collaborating with these communities to share knowledge and experiences in the areas of environmental law and policy is an objective of the College’s current strategic plan. If you participate in an organization and are willing to facilitate coordination with the College, please provide information on these activities in the ACOEL bio template or contact one of the co-leads listed above.
• ACOEL Mentoring Program: The Outreach Committee is seeking a volunteer (or two) to lead the ACOEL Mentoring Program (AMP). Establishing a mentoring program for law students and early stage practicing lawyers is an objective of the College’s current strategic plan. Members that express interest in mentoring on their ACOEL bio template will be matched with mentees as the program gets underway. The Outreach Committee seeks volunteers to lead AMP who have energy and enthusiasm for matching Fellows with mentees and implementing a new program. If that’s you, please express your interest on the ACOEL bio template or contact one of the co-leads listed above.
• Waterkeeper Alliance Pro Bono: Present at a future Waterkeeper Alliance Summit on the subject of judicial, administrative, and legislative developments under the Clean Water Act affecting enforcement of the Act. The next available opportunity will be at the planned Gulf and South Atlantic Regional Summit that takes place via remote media from June 1 to June 3, with this presentation most likely on June 2, with Waterkeeper Alliance stating they can be flexible as to scheduling. Waterkeeper requests expressions of interest by April 16.

Regional Activities Committee
• Kathy Robb
• Chris Thomas
• Join periodic conference calls and emails within Committee and Regional Committees
• Serve as Regional Co-Chair, help organize a meeting, moderate discussions, and attend regional gatherings

International Pro Bono Committee
• Jim Bruen – Waterkeeper Initiatives
• David Farer – Cuba Initiatives
• Ginny Robbins – Africa Initiatives
• Tracy Hester – India Initiatives
We welcome you attendance at the RESCHEDULED – Second 2021 Zoom Meeting of ACOEL International Pro Bono Committee – Friday, April 16, 2021 at noon PST, 1:00 pm MST; 2:00 pm CST; 3:00 pm EST.

Zoom Committee Meetings and Initiative Updates
• NOW: Contact Jim Bruen to Be Added To/Deleted From Committee Membership List
• Meetings roughly every six weeks – on a Friday
• FILLED: Waterkeeper: Save the Mekong River in Laos, working w Waterkeeper + local Thai affiliates
• FILLED: Waterkeeper: Save the Karnali River in Nepal, working w Waterkeeper + local Nepal affiliates
• Upcoming: Waterkeeper: Additional Strategic Advisor on Dam Projects
• NOW: Waterkeeper: Express Interest in Teaching at Waterkeeper International Summits
• Latin America – by Zoom teleconference – April 13-22, 2021 (Topics include Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance; United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; Inter-American Court of Human Rights)
• Europe/Africa (in Sweden) – In Person or Zoom – October 12-16, 2021 (Topics Change With Each Summit
• China – In Person or Zoom – November 18-21, 202 (Topics Change With Each Summit)
• Canada – In Person or Zoom – Date To Be Determine (Topics Change With Each Summit)
• NOW: Africa (African Wildlife Foundation) – Develop training materials for wildlife prosecutors re African cybercrime
• Cuba (Foundation Antonio Nunez):
• Report on Webinar at Columbia University
• Delegation to Cuba- Date TBD
• Additional opportunities to be announced for Waterkeepers, Cuba, Kenya and India
• For detailed qualifications and other information, see Committee email, “Impactful Pro Bono Opportunities…” to Fellows, Oct. 23, 2020, or call one of Committee leaders


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