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ACOEL Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with building the foundation for a vibrant and diverse College. Through a nomination and approval process set forth in the Bylaws, the Membership Committee annually identifies and presents for consideration a slate of candidates for admission to the College. The Committee is composed of a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Subcommittee Chair/Co-Chair from each EPA Region and the Washington, D.C. Region. Most of the Committee’s work is completed from January – June. During this period, current Fellows identify potential candidates who would support and help advance the goals of the College. Each Region discusses potential candidates and narrows its respective candidate list. Ultimately, each Region vets the qualified candidates and selects 1-4 candidates for membership consideration. The entire Committee reviews the candidates put forward by each Region and agrees on a final proposed slate for consideration by all College Fellows. After consideration by all Fellows, a recommended slate is presented to the Board of Regents for approval and election to the College. The Membership Committee invites the newly elected Fellows to join the College and sponsors a formal orientation about the College prior to the Annual Meeting. The Committee also works with the Annual Meeting planners to arrange an opportunity for the new Fellows to gather as a group at the Annual Meeting. The Committee performs other tasks at the request of the President to support the growth and engagement of the College membership

Region 1, Barry Needleman, Chair

Region 1, Pamela (Pam) Elkow, Co-Chair

Region 2, Charles (Chuck) Warren, Chair

Region 2, Virginia (Ginny) Robbins, Co-Chair 

Region 3, Michael Meloy, Chair 

Region 3, Kathy Beckett, Co-Chair

Region 4, Patricia Barmeyer, Chair

Region 4, Vinette Godelia, Co-Chair

Region 5, Todd Palmer, Chair

Region 5, Byron Taylor, Co-Chair

Regions 6 & 7, Melinda Taylor, Chair

Regions 6 & 7, Adam Babich, Co-Chair

Regions 6 & 7, Tom Grever, Co-Chair

Region 8, Polly Jessen, Chair

Region 8, John Fognani, Co-Chair

Region 9, Chris Thomas, Chair

Region 9, Kevin Poloncarz, Co-Chair

Region 10, Beth Ginsberg, Chair

Region 10, Rodney Brown, Co-Chair

D.C. Region, Lynn Bergeson, Chair

D.C. Region, Elliott Laws, Co-Chair

NGO Committee Liaisons, Dan Whittle, Chair

NGO Committee Liaisons, Jim Tripp, Co-Chair