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ACOEL Regional Committee

The focus of the new Regional Committee is to promote Regional ACOEL meetings and activities, to increase the visibility of the College by promoting joint programs with ALI.

Specific Goals to be accomplished by September 30, 2021:

Joint programs. The Committee will strive to have one or more joint programs with ALI during the coming year.

Regional Meetings. The Committee plans to have at least one regional meeting in each EPA Region, to be completed preferably by the summer of 2021. EPA Region and state environmental officials will be invited to participate. We will consider opportunities for other such meetings.

ACOEL Regional Activities Committee Chair:

Kathy Robb, Chair

Chris Thomas, Vice-Chair

The Committee is made up of the Regional Chairs: 

Region 1: Seth Jaffe

Region 2: Eileen Millett, Kathy Robb

Region 3: Carol McCabe, Kathy Beckett

Region 4: Karen Crawford

Region 5: Todd Palmer, Paul Kent

Region 6: Stephanie Perdue Bergeron

Region 7: David Cozad, Dave Erickson, Jessica Merrigan, Dave Tripp

Region 8:  John Jacus, Kevin Murray

Region 9: Jim Bruen, Linda Bullen, Chris Locke, Buzz Hines

Region 10: Brad Martin, Karen McGaffey

DC: John Cruden, Leslie Carothers